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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Fooled by a feeling of home?

I’m still pondering why Clara did not see the warning signs. Was it simply because of her refusal to believe that it could really be that bad or because she had that ultimate faith in human nature? Was there another factor? Did she have a need to be at home?  
She considered herself fundamentally German and had homes at various times in Mecklenburg, Berlin, Jena, Stuttgart and Rexingen. She was a home-maker – for her own  family, the people at the Lauenstein and at the house on Schellberg Street first of all for the boarders form the Waldorf School and then for the Hilfsklasse. In TheHouse on Schellberg Street she is a home maker for the people around her in Rexingen. I imagine her making the most of her time in Theresienstadt and her journey there. At the moment I think I’m going to make her optimistic on the way to Treblinka.
There is one scene in The House on Schellberg Street where she meets the girl who had been helping with Hilfsklasse before Clara was forced to move to Rexingen. Clara is at the North Station, waiting to be transported to Theriesenstadt. The girl has followed her boyfriend on to the station. In this scene Clara remains optimistic. I’m wondering though whether she takes this attitude for the sake of the girl or whether she really has clearer idea about what is to happen.
This is something I feel will only become completely clear in the writing.

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