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Friday, 27 December 2013

Getting it all out there

Getting the sister novel out
Exciting times.  Well actually, it’s sister novel, The House on Schellberg Street, that has been accepted. So far, I’ve had some encouraging noises form the main editor. The nitty-gritty is yet to come.
Now, though, I’m working on all sorts of things – getting the web site up and running, thinking about a launch, approaching people who might sell it and getting a few school visits organised.
Somehow, Clara’s Story becomes part and parcel of this.
As do the two blogs – this and the one about The House on Schellberg Street.
School visits and workshops  
I’m particularly interested in doing school visits and talks about these two slightly different Holocaust stories. I’m also preparing an interactive workshop about The House on Schellberg Street and as soon as Clara’s Story is ready, there’ll be one about that also.
Lecture on Representing the Holocaust  
I’m also busily preparing a couple of lectures for a course I’ll be teaching on at the University of Salford next year. I’ll be dealing with how I did my research and the ethical issues I’ve had to face in dealing with this material. The content for just one lecture and seminar might make a substantial part of a secondary book to go with this material. Rather like this blog now has almost 11,000 words.      
Meanwhile the editing continues
I’m almost at the end of the first rewrite. Literally just one scene to go, albeit a rather tricky one. Then I’ll be on to Edit 2.    
Interested in finding out more about a school visit? Contact me here.        

Friday, 13 December 2013

Edit 1

This is proving to be quite discouraging. I’m finding so many faults with it. Yet it highlights some important issues about drafting and editing.
General structure
It’s not quite hanging together yet. I’ve found a couple of spots where I need to add in extra scenes. I don’t feel that we’re getting as close to Clara as we might. It’s partly because her story spans such a long time. That has to stay. It’s partly because it’s a biography and though it focuses mainly on the last twenty-four years of her life some earlier scenes are crucial. That structure has to stay. I must use other means of making it more immediate.