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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Would you like to meet her?

Clara is certainly being wheeled out now. She also appears in The House on Schellberg Street and that is coming out on 11 April.
On 17 April, I’ll be reading from both The House on Schellberg Street and Clara’s Story, along with my two very good friends and talented writers, Sarah Dobbs and Debz-Hobbs-Wyatt, who will also read from their work, at the beautiful International Anthony Burgess Foundation in Manchester.
We’re holding an event called Women’s Writing. We’ll be talking a little about our writing and reading some excerpts. Then we’ll also read from a project we’re working on together. We’ll also discuss what writing within the framework of Higher Education is like, whether studying at university helped our journeys as writers and what our relationship to the academy is like now and whether that helps or hinders our writing process. And we’ll do a Q and A session.

There’s a strong connection with the University of Salford where I work and the whole of the Schellberg Cycle; I did much of my research for the first book in a sabbatical awarded in Semester 1, 2011-2012. I now realise I have five books in total as the result of the work done then, though each one needs more research.

A solid character

I’ve just completed the character edit and I’m pleased to say that Clara is solid. She is practical, brave, strong, stubborn, naïve and above all she has a great sense of humour.

An invitation

If you would like to meet her, do come along to Women’s Writing at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation, 17 April, 5.30 for 6.00. Register your interest here.  

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